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About us

Poke (pronounced Po-kay) is a hawaiian raw fish. We’ve partnered it up with some fresh toppings and fun sides to offer you delicious customized bowls.

We wanted to deliver the best poke ever, a premium product you could ultimately FEEL GOOD about.  Vegetarian and vegan options too!  Raw fish is a perishable item – we want to serve it at it’s best.  Our fish comes in fresh on the daily basis.  We strive to deliver you a premium poke.

If you would like to get poké the Hawaiian way, come see us for sharing your love of poké with us!  We want to offer a range of foods with fresh ingredients as we believe food can change the way you feel. With so many fresh ingredients and the variety of signature sauces we offer you the freedom to customize your poke however you like because your poke is what you make it.

We believe in serving tasty yet healthy and sustainable foods to our communities. It has always been our priority to serve food that is sourced responsibly and sustainably.  The way we prepare and source our ingredients is just as important to us as the great taste.

Come and visit us today or order ONLINE!

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